How to use ancient wisdom to improve modern-day life.

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"Loving Arianna Huffington's books and now reading "Time is Cows", I feel that there is a great connection. What I loved about this book is the genuine thread of healing that reaches from deep in the soul of Africa into the hustle and bustle of the Western mind. I congratulate the author for taking the courage to connect the dots between those cultures and giving us daily tools to work with."

— Anne Biging, Founder and CEO Healing Hotels of the World

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2 May

Dr. Tanya will be teaching a slow-paced yoga class for all levels, incorporating guided imagery, nourishing movement & stretching, plus a short meditation. Set to soothing music and low lights, this is perfect way to nourish your senses and end your day! Tuesday, May 2 from 7-8:30p at Om Movement Studio, Coconut Grove, Miami. Sign up

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How to Be in this World but not Of it

March 29th, 2017

I used to enjoy watching news reports on TV and reading multiple newspapers and magazines to get both facts and analysis from interesting writers. The Sociologist in me got excited to see how our theories of… Continue...

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