Winner of a Nautilus Book Award

"Thanks for your wonderful book. I found it an intriguing blend of anthropology, healing, wellness and self discovery. I hope it finds a wide audience!" - Mark J. Plotkin, Ph.D.

"What I loved about this book is the genuine thread of healing that reaches from deep in the soul of Africa into the hustle and bustle of the Western mind. I congratulate the author for taking the courage to connect the dots between those cultures and giving us daily tools to work with."— Anne Biging, Founder and CEO Healing Hotels of the World

"It is a great book and gave me serious insight and inspiration, much more than you could ever know."

"At long last here is a book which honors and explains the thousands of years old African traditional wisdom, so long ignored by the West. As an African myself I have to state that the truth in this book rings out on every page and I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Read it!" - Kima Global Publishers

"Tanya Pergola has written very elegantly about the invaluable lessons from her time with the Maasai. Her experiences, learning from an African tribal wisdom keeper, are captured with practical suggestions for our modern life. This book reminds us to be in flow with the basic rhythms of what it means to be human, and humane." - Leslie McGuirk

"I absolutely loved reading your book! I still read from it from time to time, as a reminder!"

"I want to start off with a thank you! Your book has been an enlightening read and has opened my eyes and guided me to moments of pause that I would otherwise not have come to. Dense with wisdom, it's one I've forced myself to read slowly and thoroughly. As I conclude the book, I find myself more open and aware, especially of my relationship with the environment around me and how I exist within this space. Your questions forced productive introspection, and prompted in-depth conversation for myself and my family. The thing I really appreciated about 'Time is Cows' is how there really is something in there for everyone. A beautiful bridge between two starkly different cultures, not revealing how one is better than the other, but showing just how much we can learn from each other if we're willing to ask questions and be genuinely interested in learning from those responses." - Henry Davis, CEO at Blue Marble

In 2000, a group of Maasai in Tanzania explained to me that there was a reason I was drawn to Africa. With my advanced training in the United States as a Sociologist and Social Psychologist, and my nature which was clearly that of a laiboni, a spiritual teacher, I was an ideal person to translate the healing wisdom of the Maasai into a form that was both understandable and useful to my “tribe."

The agreement we made was that I would help some Maasai communities build schools, health clinics and re-forest their land, and they would teach me their tried and true practices for healing themselves, families and communities using mind-body-spirit medicine and practices.

For over a decade, together with my Maasai guide and teacher, Lekoko Ole Sululu, I have implemented projects in northern Tanzania through the organization Terrawatu. True to their word, I have apprenticed with traditional healers in Maasailand, observing and practicing their techniques.

Time is Cows shares this knowledge. The Maa language is not a written language, and most wisdom has been passed down orally. Over the years, anthropologists have documented many aspects of Maasai culture, including their rituals, ceremonies, and their use of traditional medicinal plants. This is the first book that explains how these ancient practices can be modified and amplified to benefit Westerners living a modern lifestyle. In other words, how you can be a little bit Maasai in your daily life.

The book is written by Dr. Tanya Pergola in collaboration with Lekoko Ole Sululu. It was released in December 2013. In April 2016, Time is Cows won a Nautilus Book Award, a Silver medal in the category Multicultural / Indigenous.

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Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai is available at all A Novel Idea bookstore branches and select gift shops in Tanzania.

Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai is available from Kima Global Publishers and is distributed throughout South Africa. It can be ordered from Exclusive Books in SA and in Gabarone, Botswana; and from the Book Den in Windhoek, Namibia.

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Back Cover Description

When American sociologist and wellness expert Tanya Pergola first visited Tanzania and Maasailand, she became startlingly aware that she was in a place and with people who could teach her something profound. She sensed that lodged within the colorful and beautiful rituals and ceremonies of the indigenous Maasai people were gems of wisdom that could be harvested and shared as antidotes for our increasingly complex, stressful, and often enigmatic modern lives.

Dr. Pergola undertook a ten-year apprenticeship with Maasai traditional healers, led by her guide Lekoko Ole Sululu, in exchange for implementing sustainable development projects in Tanzania. In Time is Cows she shares the mind-body-spirit medicine of the Maasai, the proud pastoral people of East Africa.

In a voice that is at once crystal clear and spiritually alive—one that thousands around the world have already come to know in her talks and classes on wellness, yoga, and nature healing—her insight, inspiration, and empathy are present on every page as she shares her own knowledge and the wisdom of the Maasai compassionately and wholly.

Enriched with photographs, stories and “suggested practice" tips, Time is Cows is a handbook to help you simplify your life as you uncover its profound meaning.

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